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Monday, October 23, 2006

Planting a Bouquet of Spring Bulbs

First things first, don't get all hung up and nervous when planting bulbs. Just give them the depth they need and your job is nearly done. But just in case you need more particulars, here you go:

Find a spot that will get some decent sunlight. Under a big shade tree is not good. Look for good soil that drains well. Bulbs resent wet feet. Amend the soil with the three magic ingredients if you have to; peat moss, cow manure and compost. If you don't amend, be sure to sprinkle some bulb food into the holes of the bulbs.

Start digging! How deep? Rule of thumb: plant the bulb 3 times as deep as its diameter.
Instead of digging one hole at a time, dig out a large hole and place more bulbs. Remember the points go up! And if you want to get a bit fancy, plant layers of bulbs to create a spring blooming bouquet. Simply divide the bulbs according to size. Plant the largest ones first as they need to be planted deeper. Cover them so that their noses are just poking out a bit and lay down the second sized bulb etc.....cover up and wait.

Be sure to mulch over the newly planted bulbs...this will trick squirrels. If they see disturbed soil they will go digging in search of their stash of acorns.